I sat down with a cup of tea and the latest issue of our community newspaper–and was pleasantly surprised to find an article about me! The paper is The Centretown Buzz, and the article is aptly titled “Centretown writer wins award that could kickstart career.”

It’s especially sweet because the Centretown Buzz is one of the few surviving community newspapers in Ottawa. Earlier this month, we went through a local newspopcalypse: two media companies, Torstar and Postmedia, swapped their community paper holdings and proceeded to shut nearly all of them down. The Centretown Buzz, a monthly non-profit that’s been covering community news since 1995, suddenly finds itself one of the only community papers left standing. It’s got a strong history in the community, I nearly always read it, and I’m really pleased to have been in their pages.

I owe the article’s presence to Carmen Bartolo, who coordinates publicity for the Writers of the Future winners. Thank you, Carmen!

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