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I’m thrilled that my unpublished picture book manuscript, How To Draw Everything Bunnies, WON the 2020 CANSCAIP Writing for Children contest in the PB category!

The annual CANSCAIP Writing for Children contest is open to Canadian writers who haven’t yet published a book. The 2020 contest had more than 600 entries across 4 categories. I almost didn’t enter! Huge gratitude to my PB critique circle for their opinion that this was the best of my many, many unpublished picture book MS…. and to my 7-year-old, for laughing at the funny bits and not at the boring bits, so I knew what worked and what had to go.

One uniquely lovely thing about this contest is that every entry gets at least a paragraph of written feedback. Each level of judges provides feedback, and the finalists and winning entries are sent to Canadian publishers Annick Press, Kids Can Press, and Scholastic Canada… who also provide evaluations, even if they’re not interested in publishing the manuscript. Tons of wonderful feedback! I’m really looking forward to reading it all.

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