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Advance Reading Copy

Galaxy Press sent out a PDF Advance Reading Copy of my story and others in WoF 34. Anyone want to be an Advance Reader? Copies are free but Galaxy Press kindly asks that you leave an honest review wherever you buy your books (or otherwise post your reviews… goodreads, blog, etc) when the book comes out in April. Message me via FB, Twitter or the comments section if you’d like a copy.

2 thoughts on “Advance Reading Copy”

  1. Hi Natalka
    I really enjoyed A Bitter Thing and seeing you on the WoF awards ceremony. I am Christopher Moore’s step father and especially enjoyed seeing him invent Planet Chau. I’m a pretty eclectic reader and read pretty much anything from speculative fiction to the Classics, I just finished Bleak House by Dickens and an now reading Raylan by Elmore Leonard.

    A Bitter Thing reminded me of the male-female interchange in Stranger In A Strange Land. Keep imagining and writing. Looking forward to future works.

    1. Hi George, thank you! Comparing my story to Stranger in a Strange land – that’s high praise indeed. It was hilarious when Christopher invented Planet Chau! I read Bleak House many years ago, haven’t gotten to Raylan yet. I just finished False Hearts by Laura Lam.

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