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WOTF 35 is in full swing

WOTF 35 is in full swing. This year’s writer winners are Christopher Baker, Carrie Callahan, David Cleden, Preston Dennett, Andrew Dykstal, fellow Ottawa writer John Haas, Kyle Kirrin, Mica Scotti Kole, Rustin Lovewell, Wulf Moon, Elise Stephens, and Kai Wolden. Hugo-nominated past WotF winner Kary English is guest blogging the workshop and awards daily at

On that note, the WOTF team has put up a list of current SF out from WotF winners…. starting, of course, with this year’s volume of Writers of the Future. With 34 years of sff writers to draw on, the list is pretty long! I’m proud to be a tiny piece of this gargantuan list, which includes my story in this month’s Future Science Fiction Digest.

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I was in LA, learning from authors I’d never dreamed of meeting. In one year, I’ve done a lot of writing, a lot of submitting, and sold 3 stories (two out, one forthcoming). I don’t know if I would’ve kept on plugging without the encouragement and community of WoTF, and of the Codex community I was able to join as a result of my WoTF win.

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