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2020 Stories

pile of papers

It’s that time of year… time for the annual “What I did with my summer vacation year” post, otherwise known as the annual awards eligibility post — a quick accounting of everything I’ve published this year.

I published three pieces of original fiction this past year, all flash.

“Invasion” (PDF) – published in Ars Medica Vol. 15 No. 2, November 2020. A short piece of body-horror SF featuring a little-known, but very real and emotionally devastating, medical condition. Warnings: pregnancy loss.

“Captain Hero Was A Feminist”– published in Pulp Literature’s Summer 2020 issue, July 2020. Quote: “Welcome to English 100X: English for Supers!”

“See Below” (paywalled) – published in DECODED, June 2020. Horror told in reverse.

In addition, I translated a fantastic story by Michèle Laframboise. As it was first published in English this year, her story is eligible for all the English awards this year, so I’d like to highlight it here: Cousin Entropy by Michèle Laframboise, translated from the French – published in Future Science Fiction Digest #7, June 2020. Excellent hard SF, I highly recommend it… though, of course, I’m biased.

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