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Fiction | Poetry | Translation | Non-Fiction

Works marked with a 🚀 are free to read online. Works marked with a 🧒 are kidlit.


🚀 “Finding Asmodeus” – published in The Quiet Ones, October 2022.

“Orange Rope For Sale” – published in Nothing Without Us Too, September 2022.

“La Recette du Bonheur” – French translation of “The Zest for Life”. Translated by Pierre-Alexandre Sicart. Published in Galaxies 78, July 2022.

“Par les yeux d’autrui” – French translation of “A Bitter Thing”. Translated by Pierre-Alexandre Sicart. Published in Galaxies 71, May 2021.

  • Review in – “Il s’agit d’une belle trouvaille qui ne dévoile sa richesse que peu à peu.”

“By the Light of the Stars” – published in Multispecies Cities, April 2021.

  • Nominated for a Pushcart Prize by World Weaver Press.
  • Reprinted in Save the World, June 2022
  • PW review: “N.R.M. Roshak’s “By the Light of the Stars” saturate[s] conservation crises in casual kindness.”
  • Interview in
  • Guest post on WWP blog.
  • Midwest Book Review: “Saving turtles is just one of the unexpected developments that reaches out to embrace readers in a thoroughly thought-provoking story that links the macrocosm of the universe with the microcosm of personal experience and belief systems.”

🚀 “Invasion” – published in Ars Medica Vol. 15 No. 2, November 2020.

🚀 “Vürtsi ellu” – Estonian translation of “The Zest for Life”. Translated by Kristjan Sanders. Published in , Sept. 2020.

“Captain Hero Is A Feminist”– published in Pulp Literature’s Summer 2020 issue, July 2020

“See Below” – published in DECODED, June 2020

🧒 “Kori and Nori Go Out For T. A. C. O.s” – published in Young Explorers’ Adventure Guide Volume 6, December 2019

🚀 “The Auditor and the Exorcist” – published in Working Futures, October 2019

🚀 “The Zest for Life,” – published in Future Science Fiction Digest, Issue 2, March 2019.

🚀 “Salt, Spices, Fat, Honey” – published in Flash Fiction Online, January 2019

🚀 🏆 “A Bitter Thing” – Originally appeared in Writers of the Future Vol 34, April 2018.

🚀 “Top 12 Reasons Why the Aliens Must be Exterminated” – published in Daily Science Fiction, June 2017

“Too Generous” – published in Devolution Z, April 2017

“Ynngla” – published in On Spec, Spring 2002 (TOC and cover here)


🚀Four Transformations – published in Polar Starlight #7, December 2022

🚀“nice & easy in dock 43-b” – published in American Diversity Report, September 2021

🧒 “In the Garden” – published in Highlights Hello, November 2020 (digital version available here)


“RealLife 3.0” by Jean-Marc Ligny, translated from the French – published in The Big Book of Cyberpunk, ed. Jarid Shurin, 2023.

“Cousin Entropy” by Michèle Laframboise, translated from the French – published in Future Science Fiction Digest #7, June 2020.



Technical (IT/Programming)

Technical: SQL

Technical: Database Administration

Technical: Database Analysis & Programming

Technical: Support articles

I worked for Oracle Support from 2007-2015, and during that time wrote more than 100 support articles. You can find a list of the publicly visible ones here.


🧒 “How many stars do you see?” – 2019. Summary: Kid-friendly discussion of skyglow and stars.

“Deep impact, part 2” – Independent Voice, Kingston, November 2006, print and web. Summary: “Deep integration” with the USA is happening, it’s happening quickly, and it’s happening without public input. What will be the effects for Canada?

“Deep Impact” – Independent Voice,Kingston, October 2006, print and web. Summary: Canada is already walking down the road toward “deep integration” with the USA, without any significant discussion of whether or not we want to do so. This is thanks to the efforts of a small but committed group: the Canadian Council of Chief Executives of major corporations.

“A novel approach to the truth” – The Independent Voice,, Kingston, July/August 2006, print and web. Summary: “Arthur Golden’s Memoirs of a Geisha takes liberties with reality.” Archived on